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Real Estate Photography
Portrait Photography
Staging Consultation
Consult includes a home walk-through and a staging report. $105 per hour will be charged to card captured for any time exceeding the allotted duration.
Staging Services (Owner Occupied – Whole Home)
Includes: Living Spaces, Kitchen, Bedrooms, & Bathrooms
Ala Carte Staging Services (Owner Occupied)
Ala Carte Services are best for homes only needing a room or two staged and not the entire home
Payment Terms & Conditions
A customer has agreed to the total amount of the sale, and authorized JMax Design LLC to collect payment in full via the payment method the customer specified. For services that are purchased by credit card, the customer agrees JMax Design LLC is permitted to charge the credit card the applicable fees, taxes, and/or any other charges that may incur with the selected service purchased. Fees, taxes, and related charges will be billed to the credit card that the customer provides at the time a fee or charge is payable. The customer agrees to allow JMax Design LLC to process and store the customer’s payment information securely. JMax Design LLC shall not process any payments using an incorrect, expired, or over-charged credit card. If payment is not received or cannot be charged to the customer’s credit card for any reason, JMax Design LLC reserves the right to suspend or terminate the customer’s access to the service, and reserves the right to collect funds for any uncollected transactions owed. If services are canceled within less than 24-hours, a 50% charge of the service amount will incur, and an on-site/day of cancelation will incur a 75% charge of the service amount. All credit cards refunds are subject to an additional 5% administrative fee.