Staging Design

owner occupied Staging

We know that circumstances often have homeowners living in their homes while their property is on the market. We’ll help our clients transform a house using what a homeowner has and optimize their living spaces for the best aesthetic outcomes and to add a WOW factor for photos and in-person showings.

of 3,500 staged homes sold for
10% more than they would have
as non-staged homes

Vacant home Staging

When lack of definition of space, scale, and emotional connections are present in a home on the market, it is very difficult for buyers to envision living in the home. Staging helps to give a home personality and draws attention to its features which is why staging a vacant house is a must!



Capturing high-quality images is paramount in making a strong impression with potential buyers and setting a property apart in a competitive real estate market. Quality visuals can significantly influence a buyer’s perception of a property and may even be the deciding factor in whether they choose to pursue a viewing or further interest.

of buyers said pictures are
very important in helping them
choose which homes they
will visit.


Give the gift to your clients of a portrait they can hang on the wall in their new home! Family, individual, and senior portraits offered.

marketing materials

of buyers use yard signs with
flyers brochures, or cards as
resources when looking to
purchase a home

Flyers, Brochures, Mailers, Oh My!

So what if 44% of people find their homes online? That leaves more than half of the homebuying population to search elsewhere – and yard signs are powerful ways to promote properties. These landlocked beacons packed with marketing materials will increase response rates from potential buyers.